Tangub City Christmas Symbols Capital of the Philippines. Yes, Tangub City is considered as one, what with its impressive displays of Christmas tableaus all aglow and all lit up that you can just gawk in wonder. It’s actually amazing with all those dancing colored lights, moving parts and the festive atmosphere can make your visit worthwhile and this has been going on for the past 25 years, and I think a rival to San Fernando’s Ligligan Parul Sampernandu. I’ve been wanting to witness this spectacle…Continue Reading “Tangub City Christmas Symbols is all aglow and festive”

One of the best way of knowing a place, its people, history and way of life is visiting a museum. And one of the best ways of knowing Aichi is, of course, to get a glimpse of its varied museums scattered around the Prefecture. Some are small, some are big. There are high tech ones, interactive ones and even a living ones! This list isn’t even exhaustive but provides a good mix of the traditional and the industrial, the historical and modern and offers you…Continue Reading “Interesting museums to visit in Aichi Prefecture”

It’s December and it’s not just the cold temperature and shorter days, but almost everywhere in the Philippines, you will almost, always stumble upon something that will remind you of the festive season: Christmas carols on radio, decors in many buildings, malls and houses, vendors selling lanterns and Christmas stuff and all these mall sales, gift packs and Christmas party reminders. Yes, Filipinos are serious about Christmas, and it’s a fact that once the ‘ber months come in, starting September, be sure to expect that…Continue Reading “Christmas is all around in the Philippines”

Having been out of Cebu for almost the whole month of November due to trips in Japan and in Bicol, I was just glad to come back and indulge in oh so good Cebuano food at the newly opened neoneo Grill House at the new location at Barangay Kasambagan, which is just behind Sarossa International Hotel. The old Mabolo branch has already closed and transferred to this new and better location which has a good and big parking area, a well thought out interior that…Continue Reading “neoneo Grill House opens in Barangay Kasambagan”

Dusk was slowly settling in but the heavens wasn’t really in the mood to welcome us warmly. Instead, as we started to alight from the bus in Korankei, it let out a shower. Briefly. But despite the cold, I left my jacket in the bus. The low temperature was bearable and I was actually enjoying it. As we started to walk towards the Tomoe River, the rain stopped. We just came from marveling the autumn cherry blossoms earlier and the feeling of joy at seeing…Continue Reading “Beautiful colors of Autumn in Korankei Valley”