The lonely mermaid of Atimonan

The lonely mermaid of Atimonan has always been there

The mermaid of Atimonan.

There she is, looking forlornly at the road, sitting atop a rock for decades on end and waiting. Waiting. Waiting for whom? For what? Her blue tail of a fish curved and draped over a portion of the rock. Her right hand propping up her body, her left almost pat down on her scales. At first glance, it seems her body is bigger than her head.

Ever since I’ve been traveling in the 1990s along the national highway in this part of Quezon province, I’ve always looked out the window and waited to see this mermaid monument as the bus pass by. Some say that the people of Atimonan believe in sirenas (mermaids) and that they frequent this spot thus, they erected a monument in its honor. But true or not, the lonely mermaid of Quezon will continue to look out forlornly, with her back facing Alabat Island.

But because of her build, a friend from Gumaca nicknamed her Chyna, the lady wrestler.

The mermaid of Atimonan is less than a hundred meters from the Atimonan port, in Barangay Angeles, and its possible to walk up the monument via a worn down cement step from the road.

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