My article entitled, Pila: Heritage Town, Heritage Architecture has been published in the latest issue of Space Magazine (August – October 2011 issue). This is under the Travel Files section. The article features the many heritage structures of this Laguna lakeshore town, one of the province’s gems, a rarity wherein it still has an intact poblacion setting laid down by its ancestors during the Spanish colonial era. I traced its history, from its prehispanic beginnings and various transfers from its original location, now the town…Continue Reading “My Pila (Laguna) article in SPACE Magazine”

It was 1988, the height of my obsession with collecting butterflies that started as a Biology project and I was aboard a bus bound for Barili, one of my first solo travels around Cebu. At just 2nd year high school, I was determine to visit Mantayupan Falls, never mind if I haven’t been there before. My feet were itchy and, armed with a map committed to memory, I was off, counting towns and then alighted at a place I thought Barili.