Travel is a palliative for the weary soul/sole. And the best thing that happens when we are out there? Getting our own wow moments! Wow as in surprised at such spectacular sceneries. Or in awe at such beautiful experiences. It comes unexpected or what you just read or see in photos and books, you are experiencing it first hand. Everytime we think about it, it makes us smile and makes us relieve such wonderful memories. In no particular order, these are my WOW MOMENTS this…Continue Reading “’s 10 wow moments of 2014”

What an encouragement! This should be an interesting hike… I thought to myself when I saw the note posted at the start of the trek (right photo). And just as we started our descent via an iron stairway, I fully realized the steepness. That note was conditioning us! Casaroro Falls in Valencia is one of the popular waterfalls in Negros Oriental province and, with a height of more than a hundred feet, probably one of the lofty cascades in the island. It’s located in the…Continue Reading “Burning fats while trekking down to Casaroro Falls”