The hotel and casino business in Macau looks tough with each establishment trying to outdo each other. One way to attract people and money is to offer multimillion dollar shows that lasts within 30 minutes and can go on and on throughout the night.

If I had my way, I would have stayed longer at the Camoes Garden, Macau’s biggest park and just enjoyed the scenery, the sound of birds and sauntered along its shaded pathways, listened to an aspiring chinese opera singer or just jogged its trails and had my own spot for stretching.

It’s flaky, tasty and unforgettable. Melts in your mouth goodness the way egg tarts should be. But it’s not from Lord Stow’s Bakery but from arch competitor and ex-wife’s Margaret’s Cafe e Nata. It’s dessert with its share of intrigues.

A-ma Temple is one of the popular religious sites located at the southwestern tip of Macau dedicated to the goddess Mazu or Matsu, the patron of fishermen and seafarers and protector of the sea. It is also one of the oldest, built in 1488, predating the Portuguese arrival.