Overloaded Batangas lomi

Lomi is a popular noodle dish in the Philippines. In Cebu, it’s a delicious snack that resemble egg drop soup with thick noodles and topped with shredded chicken meat. Perfect with bread. But then, Batangas has upped their lomi dishes to an extent that when you mention the province, Batangas lomi is never far behind. What makes this distinct from Cebu or from other provinces is that the soup is thicker and sticky than usual. Ang lapot (so sticky)! Other than the Batanguenos elevating the…Continue Reading “5 simple and overloaded Batangas lomi I have tried in Batangas”

Batangas Beach Resort

When I got an invite from a Batangas beach resort for a two night staycation, I didn’t hesitate. After a few email back and forths, and almost a month after contact and a trip abroad, I was well on my way to spend me time for a southern escape. Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort is a three star Batangas resort located near the tip of the Calumpang Pensinsula in dive haven Anilao. It’s a secluded spot that takes you through the forested side of…Continue Reading “A Batangas beach resort perfect for stays and dive”

I got a kick at just looking at the beach! No, it’s not the paradisiacally beautiful white, powdery sandy shore, with tall and graceful coconuts swaying in the afternoon breeze. In fact, most people might not even find this beach gorgeous at all! For me? Wow! Malabrigo in Lobo, Batangas is known for its beautiful and newly restored Spanish colonial era lighthouse overlooking the sea from a promontory. But at the base of this cliff is a stony and pebbly beach that I just fell…Continue Reading “A different yet interesting beach in Batangas”

Heritage towns in the Philippines are becoming rarer and rarer. With the apathy of most local governments and Filipinos, much have fallen or disappeared. But there are just some towns and cities that have preserved their own historical architecture, and with heritage awareness, these ten towns and cities enumerated here are must visits. Although many other places around the country should have been included, my objective is to give a more balanced list of places that can be found in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. I…Continue Reading “10 heritage towns outside Metro Manila you should visit”

The plane hovered as I was roused from my sleep. Peeking out the window, lo and behold, Taal Volcano inside Taal Lake in Batangas unfolded. Morning mist hasn’t yet disappeared, giving a gorgeous view of Taal.