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Taal Volcano in the morning

Taal Volcano inside Taal Lake as viewed from the plane early in the morning. Mt. Maculot is at the background

Binintiang Malaki, an old crater
The plane hovered as I was roused from my sleep. Peeking out the window, lo and behold, Taal Volcano inside Taal Lake in Batangas unfolded. Morning mist hasn’t yet disappeared, giving a gorgeous view of Taal.

Early morning flights are always welcome. From great views of Mt. Mayon or even Mt. Bulusan, active volcanoes in the Philippines, to this small but another active rumbler just south of Manila. In this instance, I was enroute from Ozamiz City in Misamis Occidental to Terminal 3 in Metro Manila.

Lake inside a lake, the actual Taal Volcano is but a small depression. CLICK TO ENLARGE
Taal Volcano is actually just a small depression filled with water, a lake within a lake, a crater within a bigger, and ancient crater that makes the Tagaytay Ridge. Mt. Maculot at the Batangas side also towers.

Binintiang Malaki, a spent out volcano projecting like a hill at the eastern side is often confused as Taal Volcano, which it really isn’t.

Taal Volcano has been silent since 1977 but as far as recorded history is concerned, it has erupted 33 times since 1572 with 1911 one of the most devastating. An 18th century eruption has buried several towns in Batangas that prompted these towns to transfer to their present locations.

If you want to see Taal Volcano spread out gloriously in the morning, do take the early morning southern flights. It’s one of the best scenery one can have in the country.

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