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Ecstatic salmon dish at Club Punta Fuego

Club Punta Fuego's Norwegian Salmon Loin with cheese sauce

I was at Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas, that exclusive enclave of the rich and famous, upon the invitation of Team Reebok to cover the sundown race and, while looking at the menu for our lunch at the main club, I didn’t go with the recommended grilled blue marlin as it was already taken by Alex, on of the runners. Instead, at the bottom of the left page was listed, Norwegian Salmon Loin in Cheese Sauce (at P405).

I’ve always loved salmon. Be it fried, as sushi, smoked or whatever. I just love its taste compared to other fishes. Thus, it was easy for me to pick it from the menu and looked forward to having it for lunch. After around 15 minutes, my order arrived.

The triangular deep plate with soft edges was big and at the middle, swimming on a pool of bechamel sauce was a 200 gram slice of pan fried Norwegian salmon loin above two rolls of rice wrapped in cabbage leaves and topped with a slice of toasted baguette. There was nothing much with the cabbage rice roll, when it comes to being interesting. In fact, it was a bit dry in the inside that I first ate it all so that I will concentrate more on the slice of salmon.

The skin was crusty and salty, as were the edges and outer layer of the fish. However, when I delved into the inner part, moist and soft, I was in for a pleasant surprise. It was enough to make me close my eyes in ecstasy, savoring the succulent and tender meat of Norwegian salmon loin that I was just shaking my head and breathing heavily in between whispers of wow.

It was like a piece of sating gustatory experience.

2 thoughts on “Ecstatic salmon dish at Club Punta Fuego”

  1. After reading this entry, now I feel hungry again! Nice write up here! Wait till you get the taste of authentic Batangas cuisine! 🙂

  2. sige pre, intro mo ako sa batangueno cuisine 🙂

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