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Cebu, here I come

A field of sugarcane in Bogo

I got my wish! No more missing Cebu as I will be there for the next two weeks! Flying in on Sunday but my flight’s in the evening but who cares? I will have my downtime and will be back at the land of my birth, kiss the soil and breathe the air that nurtured me.

I will be eating lechon, with its crispy and succulent skin; artery clogging and crunchy ginabot as well as melt in your mouth humba. And not to be forgotten, overpriced pungko-pungko (roadside eatery of mostly deep fried fare), plastic gloved and eating in Larsian for barbecue, and just sumptuous siomai.

Paabota ko sa Cebu.


7 thoughts on “Cebu, here I come”

  1. i missed bantayan island’s danguit, carcar’s chicharon and casa verde’s brian’s ribs!happy homecoming bai!

  2. Mark Dealino

    Wow! Have fun in Cebu! Since you’re in the travelling mode already, did you know that there’s this promo that you can win a free all expenses paid trip to Palawan with your 3 closest buddies? Are you guys interested? 🙂

  3. @mark dealino, of course, anything free is always welcome 🙂

    @earl, yup, missed those ribs too 🙂

  4. Sure you will have a great time in Cebu, been living here with my wife and kids for nearly 3 years now. Takes time to adapt but always an interesting day here. I originally come from the UK but often find the UK due to the way things are these days is very restrictive in comparison to the Philippines. Although maybe you will find things a little different on this trip as enforcement on things like seatbelts and wearing motorcycle helmets have happened. Something that only seems to have begun after the presidential elections.

  5. Mark Dealino

    It’s the promo from LoveRepublik! All you have to do is just sign up in and you get a chance to win an all expense paid trip to Palawan with 3 of your closest friends 🙂

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