Delicious filipino food in Naga City at H&A Hostel & Restuarant

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HIllary & Andrew Hostel & Restaurant

For affordable and delicious Filipino food in Naga City, Hillary & Andrew Hostel & Restaurant has now taken over the ground floor of what used to be Calle Barlin. And after a busy day working on a photography assignment for an inflight magazine, Alec, the indefatigable head of Arts, Culture and Tourism office of this city and me had dinner there. The atmosphere is still the same as nothing really changed including the interior.

Delicious food

Served were four delicious dishes. Although, the light wasn’t really that good, I had to use a tripod to shoot the food. First, the grilled tuna belly was really tender and flavorful and garlicky, unlike the ones that I’ve tasted before that are a bit rubbery. Second, the pork barbecue is highly recommended too which was, like the first dish, tender too. The special pork sisig on the other hand, unlike the ones that I’ve tried in other restaurant was creamy and crunchy. No fresh egg this time but quite a different take. Although almost full, I had several helpings of the dish as I liked it very much. Lastly, although the salmon head sinigang was pretty to look at and Alec liked the soup, I’m not really much of a sinigang person and just had a few tablespoonfulls. Well, not as sour as those in the Tagalog regions.

With just the two of us eating all four dishes, we got really full with me coming back again and again on the three dishes. These were really good and if you’re here in Naga City, do try the food at Hillary & Andrew Hostel & Restaurant.

delicious filipino food in naga city
Sumptuous and tender pork barbecue is highly recommended!
delicious filipino food in naga city
A different take on everyone’s favorite, Special pork sisig
delicious filipino food in naga city
Grilled tuna belly is tender and good
delicious filipino food in naga city
Flavorful salmon head sinigang
delicious filipino food in naga city
Some delicious food at the new Hillary & Andrew Hostel & Restaurant that we had for dinner

Hillary & Andrew Hostel & Restaurant
Barlin St. Corner Dimasalang St.
Sta. Cruz, Naga City
+63 917 5583347 or +63 9437097118

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