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Where to stay in Naga City: Hillary & Andrew Hostel & Restaurant

Facade of the old house converted into the Hillary & Andrew Hostel & Restaurant at the ground floor
Facade of the old house converted into the Hillary & Andrew Hostel & Restaurant at the ground floor

I was in transit from Manila to Naga City by bus and with no prior arrangements for a hotel accommodation, I called some hotels but unfortunately, no rooms within my budget were available. And it was then that I remembered about Hillary & Andrew Hostel & Restaurant that I first learned about when we dined at Cafe Barlin.

Hillary & Andrew Hostel & Restaurant used to be an old house, probably early 20th century that has been converted into a hotel. The ground floor has been turned into Cafe Barlin, a restaurant offering homecooked type food good for family lunches and dinners. The second level and portions of the back of the house is the hostel.

I arranged for the single room but when I got there late afternoon, I found the bed just too small that I opted to get the next available and higher room type. The rooms are spacious with basic amenities and caters to solo travelers, couples, groups (dorm type) and families.

Wifi is available but is only limited to the restaurant and veranda. Breakfast and food is available at the restaurant but not part of the accommodation. Although I didn’t have problems here, I just find the floor too slippery, especially if you’re coming from the bathroom.

They should also tone down on using moth balls at the toilet as it can smell very strong. Evenings, especially Friday and Saturday nights might be noisy outside as people are drinking. Although this is an old house, interiors and rooms are already modern.

Hillary & Andrew Hostel & Restaurant is along Barlin St. and is just a couple of meters away from Naga City Cathedral. You can also walk to restaurants and banks at Centro (downtown), surrounding Quince Martires Park.

Second level and lounge area
Second level and lounge area
A Family room of the hostel
A Family room of the hostel
Dorm type accommodation
Dorm type accommodation
Deluse room
Deluxe room

Hillary & Andrew Hostel & Restaurant
Barlin St. Corner Dimasalang St.
Sta. Cruz, Naga City
+63 917 5583347 or +63 9437097118

6 thoughts on “Where to stay in Naga City: Hillary & Andrew Hostel & Restaurant”

  1. Cereza Dauterman

    Please send me a picture of the room I reserved.
    Thank you.

    Cereza R. Dauterman

  2. Imelda Irene

    Fyi, this used to be ‘Sa Harong’ (translated to “at the house” or just “the house”) skewered & grilled meat (usually chicken & pork) eatery. Oh god those were the days-I mean nighttime grilling/serving only. And I they were good! Hey great article!

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