HIllary & Andrew Hostel & Restaurant

For affordable and delicious Filipino food in Naga City, Hillary & Andrew Hostel & Restaurant has now taken over the ground floor of what used to be Calle Barlin. And after a busy day working on a photography assignment for an inflight magazine, Alec, the indefatigable head of Arts, Culture and Tourism office of this city and me had dinner there. The atmosphere is still the same as nothing really changed including the interior. Delicious food Served were four delicious dishes. Although, the light wasn’t…Continue Reading “Delicious filipino food in Naga City at H&A Hostel & Restuarant”

The Carmen Hotel

Probably, it’s the best boutique hotel in Naga City. I’ve been frequenting Naga City for the past several years either for visits due to travel blogging invites or just for the love of being in this place. But one of the things that got me excited ever since I found out about it last year while as speaker at the Bicol Tourism Summit was the opening of probably the best boutique hotel in Naga City. Of course, I’ve stayed in several accommodations here from budget…Continue Reading “The best boutique hotel in Naga City”

I love pili nuts. I love them covered in sugar syrup, as tarts or as mazapan, a kind of sweet. I love pili nuts fresh from it’s shell or dried. Or roasted or with salt and pepper. To those visiting Bicol especially Naga City, pili products are the norm. And what is usually expected as pasalubong. But knowing how it is prepared? Makes you love these more. When we were touring Naga City courtesy of Naga X (for excursions, a part of Naga City Tourism),…Continue Reading “Visiting a pili nut factory near Naga City”

It was the third attempt in a span of a month and this time I was successful! The elusive morsel? Biggs Diner’s THE Tower Burger! Yes, that tall, lavishly layered burger served on a thick slab of wood that makes my heart race and mouth salivate at the sight. Hear this: a bed of lettuce and tomatoes, patty #1, thin cheese square #1, a crisp and golden hash brown, patty #2, thin cheese square #2, spam, crisp bacon goodness, a happy sunny side up egg…Continue Reading “Biggs Diner’s THE TOWER BURGER!”