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THE TOWER BURGER of Biggs! 13 layers of goodness!

It was the third attempt in a span of a month and this time I was successful! The elusive morsel? Biggs Diner’s THE Tower Burger! Yes, that tall, lavishly layered burger served on a thick slab of wood that makes my heart race and mouth salivate at the sight.

Hear this: a bed of lettuce and tomatoes, patty #1, thin cheese square #1, a crisp and golden hash brown, patty #2, thin cheese square #2, spam, crisp bacon goodness, a happy sunny side up egg and caramelized onions between two soft buns and skewered in place with a long wooden spike topped with THE TOWER BURGER banner… that’s 13 layers all in all!

My first attempt was after my Caramoan trip but it didn’t materialize as I got a bus that was scheduled for Manila at 5 PM with just less than an hour to spare when I arrived at the bus terminal. The second was during my Manila-Cebu trip via Bicol that when I visited the Biggs Daraga branch, I was told that, unfortunately, it was sold out that day.

Sir, we will have the Tower Burger at Biggs later for lunch at Biggs Magsaysay, Wyne of the Naga City tourism office told me the morning of Monday. And I was, wow! It was music to my ears as the thought of that wonderful sight of a burger will finally be at hand!

After the pleasantries, each of us bloggers were given one and when it reached my table, I can almost sense the magnetism of the tower burger, its parasychological siren call reverberating through my brain’s cortex. I removed the stake, cut through the center and let the layers drop. Slowly, I cut through, piece by piece, morsel by morsel.

I silently ate, chewed and savored every piece, trying not to be distracted but at times chatting bits and pieces with my seatmate then returning to my wooden slab of cut through tower burger, slicing and eating, ruminating about the existence of man and burger, pondering about the universe of hashbrowns and bacons and its rightful place in burgers. Or even of sunny side up eggs almost hanging by its slippery bottom held by a wooden stake akin to a vamp…

Is it good? Yes! One thing that you can be assured of a Biggs burger is that it is flavorful, not greasy and, with the tower burger, the different textures, flavors and tenderness can be a beautiful dining experience. And oh, don’t forget to drizzle a bit of the herbed mayo for more umph.

Jello Mello!
Jello Mello! Left, Sublime lime and right, Groovy Raspberry. Plus the Psychedelic Cherry, these Mello Jello drinks were created in tandem with the Tower Burger
Petite carrot cake
Dessert came in with this petite carrot cake which is another recommended, must eat in Biggs
Petite black forest cake
Petite black forest cake
Pili pie ala mode
Pili pie ala mode, warm soft pie with a crunchy shell topped with strawberry ice cream
Hot brewed coffee with Hany chocolate
Hot brewed coffee with Hany chocolate to end this lunch

The Tower Burger is a summer offering by Biggs Diner and will only be available till 30 June in all branches in Bicol and Lipa City, Batangas.

Thanx to Bigg’s Diner, Naga City Tourism & Naga Excursions

Bigg’s Diner
The Piazza
Magsaysay Ave.
Naga City
+63 54 4726262
Open 24 hours

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