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Basking at the exclusive Eagle Point Sepoc Beach

The outrigger boat cut through the sea as I was brought to the exclusive Eagle Point Sepoc Beach. The day was sunny but a bit hazy, a thin layer of clouds covered the sky. Despite the habagat season, the sea was actually not as choppy as expected but I was told that come afternoon, expect it to be difficult to cross. Ah, the beach. It has been several weeks prior to this trip that I have basked in the pristine waters of Masasa in the same municipality. This time, I was at another white sandy strip located at the northwestern tip of Maricaban Island called Sepoc Point in the municipality of Tingloy in Batangas. After passing through Sombrero Island, I caught sight of the white sand beach at a small cove.

Exploring Eagle Point Sepoc Beach

The outrigger boat anchored and I went down via the wooden plank, quite excited of swimming and enjoying the pristine waters. From afar, the lone wooden structure loomed several meters inland. But what I loved about this trip was that I was the only visitor, having the island and beach all to myself!

The staff started to prepare food for lunch as I went exploring the trails emanating from the wooden structure. There were trees and shrubs and several birds flying above. The different species of butterflies and other insects were sipping nectar from one bloom to another. I loved the ruggedness of the area. There were hills at both sides of the structure, one just near the water while the other, the highest part of Sepoc Point rises several meters from sea level. As I explored the trail to the rocky beach where a monolith stood, there were interesting rock formations.

I went back and climbed the low hill. The path is well defined and not difficult to negotiate. At the top, you get a good view of Sepoc Point, of the wooden structure and beach as well as the monolith and outlying hills. Then there’s Sombrero Island from a distance, rising from the waters. Beyond this, one can get a good view of Balayan Bay and the Calatagan Peninsula as well as the Verde Passage.

I went back to the wooden structure and prepared to swim. It was breezy but not too hot. The water was cool but I found out that the undercurrent was quite strong. I was given a snorkel and a life jacket and tried to explore but alas I had to give up as it was difficult to swim with the strong current. But I did see some corals and fishes. For almost an hour, I was just at the shallows enjoying the water of Eagle Point Sepoc Beach.

After having a fill of the beach and a hearty lunch of grilled fish and pork as well as a plateful of buttered vegetables and slices of fruit, I went back to the main Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort before the waves got stronger. By the time I left, a bigger party arrived.

Eagle Point Sepoc Beach is exclusive to guests of Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort. There is no electricity in the island and staying overnight is not permitted because of the lack of facilities. To get to Eagle Point Sepoc Beach, one has to arrange with the main resort. Contact details below.

Thanx to Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort for the staycation

eagle point sepoc beach
Eagle Point Sepoc Beach framed by the building
eagle point sepoc beach
What I love about Sepoc Point are the short trails that affords for brief explorations. Here, a short path to another deserted beach.
eagle point sepoc beach
View of Sombrero Island as seen from the highest point of Sepoc Point
eagle point sepoc beach
A danaid butterfly feeding on nectar sighted at the trail
eagle point sepoc beach
Lunch is served: grilled pork and fish, buttered vegetables and fruits!
eagle point sepoc beach
Sepoc Point and Eagle Resort facilities as seen from the hill
eagle point sepoc beach
This is the magnificent view that greeted me when I climbed up the tower!
eagle point sepoc beach
Eagle Point Sepoc Beach is a team building venue and company outing destination
eagle point sepoc beach
Another view of the point
eagle point sepoc beach
An almost deserted beach at Sepoc Point
eagle point sepoc beach
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Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort
Ground floor, Cacho Gonzalez Bldg.
101 Aguirre cor. Trasierra Sts.,
Legazpi Village, Makati City, Philippines
Telephone: +63 2 8133553, Fax/Ph: +63 2 8133560
Mobile: +63 9175625223 / 0917-8164950 / 0917-7125024 / 0920-9776694

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  1. The beach looks so inviting! Did you also try diving there?

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