Beautiful days spent in Zamboanga City and Tawitawi

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It was the highlight of my trip in Zamboanga City and I was amazed at what I saw.
It was the highlight of my trip in Zamboanga City and I was amazed at what I saw.

I’m now on my third cup of long black coffee here at a cafe in Zamboanga City. The clock’s ticking and I’ve been here since three hours ago, working, blogging, writing, editing photos, all the while waiting for my flight back to Manila at 2020H.

I’ve visited Zamboanga City and Tawitawi several times but the almost 15 days that I’ve been here, it was the most memorable. Why? I had a great experience shooting for five days in Sitangkai, that island at the edge of the country that’s just so different from the rest. The people are so friendly, food’s good and the culture’s just great! I’ve witnessed two traditional Tausug weddings and a Badjao circumcision ritual too.

I didn’t almost made it back to Bongao as the weather’s gone wild that flights and boat trips were cancelled, well, almost that we had to sail to another island while heavy rain drenched us. There was still that threat of foreboding skies but luckily, on the day I was to fly out, the sun shone.

On an invite by the Department of Tourism for Zamboanga City’s Hermosa Festival, I had a great time sampling out restaurants and food that I’ve both visited before and tried for the first time too. But what made the trip all worthwhile? Finally visiting Sta. Cruz Island and it’s smaller sister where I was just amazed at the white sand beach, the sandbar and turquoise waters!

It’s now 1700H and I still have three hours before my flight. And I can’t help but look forward to coming back again! See you!

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