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Europe? I’m just overwhelmed right now!

Looking out the plane's window, in one of my travels around
Looking out the plane’s window, in one of my travels around

Exactly two and a half hours from now, as of this writing, my mobile phone’s alarm clock will strike 0300H and I need to wake up, prepare my things and head to the Cebu South Bus Terminal for a ride to Santander. From there, catch the fastcraft to Sibulan in Negros Oriental and head to Dumaguete for the last shoot of the week.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been traveling. From Manila to Cebu to Bohol and back again to Cebu. I was in a rush. Ecstatic, happy, inspired but over the next few days, felt the draining tedium. I’m getting tired with having myself trying to finish off all these photoshoot before I will fly out this Sunday for Paris.

Yes, Paris. I got my Schengen Visa last week. After much anxiety, it was finally granted. By Sunday, exactly three days to the hour, I will fly via Etihad to Abu Dhabi International Airport, have a three our stop then head to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

When I do arrive at around 1500H, I need to rest for two hours before the Photoquai 2013 event will start. I dreamt of this. Being featured in a major international photography festival and being there during the opening. And it is coming true. All expense paid trip, with hotel accommodations, a daily stipend, what more can I ask for?

But that is three days from today. For now, I just have to toil, to work hard and finish the pending tasks. I’m actually feeling the corporal tiredness and frustration. Just days ago, I got depressed but probably from all this rush and excitement and anxiety. Less sleep, haven’t blogged, prepare tax forms…

I’m just trying to be sane while being overwhelmed at what is happening right now. Overwhelmed of the coming days. Overwhelmed of the opportunities, both as a photographer and in my new business. And I am just overwhelmed thinking of all these that sometimes, I really don’t know what to speak of anymore.

But it will be good. Europe? See you this Sunday!


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