Interesting fruits at Baguio’s public market

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In order: Sagada orange, locally grown persimmon, Cambodia atis (sugarapple), imported pomegranates, Spanish tomato, Korean pear and sweet passion fruit

Pomegranate, atis, pears
A visit in Baguio is never complete without visiting the public market. I usually go there a day or on the day I go back to Manila. I’m not so much into the pasalubong fare of processed food and jellies and biscuits, but I’m more of checking out interesting fruits in season. And today, I wasn’t disappointed.

I was expecting the dragon fruits from Burgos, Ilocos Norte but what greeted me were the ones imported from Thailand. Too expensive. So I went around . There were oranges, both the Kalinga green ones and the orange Sagada. I got three of the latter. Then I saw some persimmons that were locally grown. Very delicate as these were already ripe, I got three. While paying, I saw this strange little fruit that they labelled as Spanish tomato. Said to be sweet and sour, I got two.

I passed by some stalls selling strawberries guyabanos. Then just beside the bananas are Korean pears, big, green and just at P25 each. Got curious that I again got two. Within fifteen more minutes, I got a bunch of sweet passion fruit, a kilo of Cambodian atis (sugar apple), and to top these, I got tempted with the pomegranates that I just have to have some.

I’m all set to going back to Manila.

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8 thoughts on “Interesting fruits at Baguio’s public market

  1. nice…looks like you’re coming home with quite a bunch. healthy!

  2. nice…looks like you’re coming home with quite a bunch. healthy!

  3. estancabigas says:

    yup! and still eating fruits today. hehehe

  4. Bonzenti Panganiban says:

    sugarapple looks like an american sugarapple (american atis-with pinkish covering), in terms of size. We had a tree (atis) before, when I was a kid.

  5. estancabigas says:

    ganahan kaayo ko ug atis bai. but what we usually have is better than this one.

  6. Christian | Lakad Pilipinas says:

    oh my gulay, talagang hinahabol ako ng baguio! ilang araw na puro baguio na lang nakikita ko sa facebook, sa jeep, sa news at blogs! looks like i need to go back 🙂

  7. estancabigas says:

    you should bai 🙂

  8. The last time I saw a roster of fruits lined up like that was when I was a child with relative kids in my lola’s garden playing pretend market and bus drivers.

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