You know that feeling when you come face to face with a stunning landscape or scenery and you just want to hold your lover’s hand or hug tightly as you bask in the beauty of the place. The more you lovers travel to these kind of places the more your bond tighten as you make beautiful memories together. The Philippines is blessed to still have many stunning natural landscapes, from the topmost province in Batanes, to the southernmost islands in Mindanao and forlorn places in…Continue Reading “10 romantic spots in the Philippines for adventurous lovers”

It is a thundering beauty, a marvel of the modern world that is Ambuklao Dam. A beautiful monstrosity, so to speak, amidst the ruggedness of the Cordilleras. But beyond this structure, with the dammed up Ambuklao River behind it, tilapia, those mainly African cichlid species, in fishpens has flourished. It is then no surprise that traveling the backroads of the Cordilleras, especially following the stretch of the Ambuklao River, tilapia is being sold in several points. And for the visitor, this can be a surprise…Continue Reading “Inidian Viewdeck and tilapia in the Cordilleras”

August was cruel. And in the next four months, from September to December, my travels were more of an escape. Come to think of it, whenever I am in Makati, I just get depressed that I have all sorts of excuses and reasons to travel. That’s what the heartbreak did to me, travel to seek refuge of being anonymous, travel to distract oneself. But no amount of traveling can console me.

As the bus we took from Sagada neared the marker to the highest point of the Halsema Highway in Atok, Benguet, we called on the driver to stop, clambered down, and when we gazed at the spectacular scenery before us, we were in great awe.

Fruits in season at Baguio’s public market are always interesting. Other than the usual imported stuff, there are locally grown fruits, some encountered the first time, some springing a surprise.