Basilan: Isabela’s Cabunbata Falls

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Hidden by a few mahogany and rubber trees, Cabunbata Falls in Isabela City, Basilan is very near and accessible.

The waterfall is just there, at that bend. Its quite near, beside the highway…

Cabunbata Falls
The driver of our mini van that toured me around Isabela City in Basilan told me as I got excited. It’s not always that a waterfall is that accessible and located beside a major road, like Aliwagwag Falls. Typically. waterfalls that I’ve been to are hard to go to and entails hiking or walks along steep descents and jungle.

We parked at the side of the road just near the bridge where a creek passed and walked to the direction of the waterfall. From the road, parts of Cabunbata Falls can already be seen as a few mahogany and rubber trees cover it as it is just about 50 meters from where we were.

An old rubber tree with its collected sap
The waterfall is beautiful. Its not too high nor too low compared with Bagsang Falls. But the area is a bit disturbed, which can be disappointing and trash is scattered around the vicinity. There is a piece of jungle just near the rockface but other than that are cultivated and planted trees.

Along the way, one can still see medium sized rubbertrees being tapped for their valuable sap. I was told that there used to be lots of these here but the area nearest the road have been cleared. From the looks of it, this might be up for development as there have been palms being planted.

Cabunbata Falls is just seven kilometers from the city center of Isabela City along the highway going to Maluso. One can either hire a tricycle or take a Maluso bound jeep or mini bus and go down at Cabunbata Falls. There are no signages.

My gratitude to Ms. Feng Tan for touring me around and lunch.

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