Singapore’s Iconic Restroom at the Jewel Box

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A beautiful view of Sentosa Island with its cable cars connecting it with Mt. Faber

Airphil Express and Star Cruises invited us bloggers for a familiarization cruise tour from Singapore to Malaysia aboard the latter’s Super Star Virgo, a full service cruise ship. It was a lot different experience, another different way of traveling. And it was good.

A silhouette etched on the restroom's entrance. CLICK TO ENLARGE
Singapore’s Iconic Restroom with its mirrored passageway, marble washbasins, chic decor plus a beautiful view of Sentosa Island and its cable cars, what more can you ask, design wise? I’m always looking for good architecture and design and, with our tour guide mentioning it to us as the best restroom in the entire island nation, my curiousity went overboard.

Passageway with mirrors

Vases and flowers
Located at The Jewel Box, at the top of Mt. Faber where one can ride the cable cars going to Sentosa Island for its world class theme parks, the Iconic Restroom has a frosted sliding glass entrance with a passageway lined with a floor to ceiling mirror all the way at one side creating a beautiful symmetrical view that looks bigger than it is.

Inside, there are beautiful marble washbasins overlooking the view outside. It almost feels you’re out in the open except that there’s airconditioning and a wall of glass. Chic decor completes the setup.

I guess, this is better at during dusk when the lights are on, the fading sun casting a reddish tinge at the sky as lighted cable cars come and go Mt. Faber.

This trip was made possible by AirPhil Express. Like their Facebook page to keep updated of promos and cheap fares. Check AirPhil Express’s Sentosa Adventour package.

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4 thoughts on “Singapore’s Iconic Restroom at the Jewel Box

  1. Sosyal, another invitation sir… idol na talaga kita.

  2. @edmar, hahaha, it was part of our tour and I just liked the design of the restroom. 🙂

  3. What the hell? That’s awesome.

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