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An afternoon of Sentosa Fun

No, we weren't going to ski...

Airphil Express and Star Cruises invited us bloggers for a familiarization cruise tour from Singapore to Malaysia aboard the latter’s Super Star Virgo, a full service cruise ship. It was a lot different experience, another different way of traveling. And it was good. I’m not so much into the theme park scene, but it’s one of Asia’s top recreational facilities and tourist magnet, Sentosa Island in Singapore offers a thrilling ride and fun for children and adults alike, even if for just an afternoon.

The lifts are a fun and thrilling mode of transport
The bus we rode entered the Sentosa Park grounds and I couldn’t believe that in such a small place famous for its world class recreational parks make a home of this place. There’s even a real forest there with lots of birds and monkeys and saw a squirrel like animal climbing a huge tree trunk. We weren’t here for a trek, however, but for just a fun afternoon after arriving from our Singapore – Malaysia cruise.

Ferdz of on a Segway
When our guide asked us if we would like to try the Segway, my eyes lit up and didn’t hesitate to say Yes, very much! with gusto. We know what a Segway is, two wheeled and motorized that we often see in movies and television or in magazines. Once, I saw an old man riding his at SM MOA and I just chuckled, lucky one.

I’ve been wanting to try this one, gotten curious ever since I read an article that its inventor promised will change the world. A few years later, It still has to make an impact but for that Sentosa afternoon, there was just no time to ruminate and ponder. A Segway ride is a segway ride and I just have to try on one!

There are some interesting 4D movies offered in Sentosa but for us to reach that area, either we have to take the circuitous bus or, a better and thrilling ride was the lift. Its just a simple contraption unlike cable cars (Sentosa has cable cars and will be written about in the Jewel Box post) that are thoroughly enclosed. Each lift has just a metal bar that prevents you from falling as it goes over treetops at a hundred feet above the ground.

4D cinemas
It is scary at first but at the same time exciting especially as it went up the hill and then, a spectacular view of the island, the surrounding sea and Singapore main island with its many buildings. Thrilling and adrenaline inducing ride!

4D is becoming a staple in many recreational facilities. It not only offer visitors a simple movie viewing experience but it tries to offer much, much more. The seat moves front, back, and sides. A spray of water is ejected somewhere that wets (a little bit) your arm, all correlating to a particular scene in the movie. A strong whip of air buzz behind the neck depending on what is happening on the screen. Now, what will they think of next? But it’s quite interesting and fun.

'MARRY ME,' someone has to convince another 🙂 as seen from the revolving Tiger Tower Sky Tower

The Tiger Sky Tower goes up and down and revolves around too!
Marry Me, a huge sign etched on the sand of a man made island, just good enough to be seen even from hundreds up in the air. But in our case, we were at the top of the Tiger Sky Tower as it revolved around for a few minutes before going down.

Such a simple attraction. Build a tower wherein guests will just enter a platform sit down and take them up. Yes, the viewing platform goes up and revolves giving you one of the best views, 360 degrees at that!

Of course, the topmost affords one excellent sceneries around the resort island, the busy Singapore Channel and the urban jungle of the main island of Singapore with its many beautiful buildings and highways and very busy seaport.

Wish I tried this one
I only had a few hours in the afternoon. Well, I admit, I really had fun, a childlike glee that I myself just have to smile. Theme parks are not only for children, but for adults, the thrilling rides and wonder are enough to make this visit. Next time that I will be here, I will really line up for the I FLY!!!

Sentosa Island is accessible via different ways. To know how, check the Sentosa webpage.

This trip was made possible by AirPhil Express. Like their Facebook page to keep updated of promos and cheap fares. Check AirPhil Express’s Sentosa Adventour package.

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