En route, part 2: Caticlan leg derailed my trip

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4 AM trip from Caticlan to Kalibo by van. Feels eerie traveling on a long and deserted dark road without streetlights.
4 AM trip from Caticlan to Kalibo by van. Feels eerie traveling on a long and deserted dark road without streetlights.

Last 25 December 09, I traveled from Makati City to Cebu via land for the Holidays. 36 hours later and about P2,500 in expenses, I was finally back home. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

This leg of the trip cost me much time that later affected my plans of reaching Cebu on the night of the second day. Just imagine, four hours of waiting for the bus to finally go, as promised by the driver but then, even promises are made to be broken.

I rode the 2000H ferry from Roxas to Caticlan and after four hours, arrived in the almost deserted Caticlan terminal, main gateway to Boracay. The vans were waiting and, personally, as much as possible, I avoid these vehicles due to the inconveniences that one is subjected to:

  • tight spaces that passengers are crammed with almost no leg room to relax
  • usually drivers drive so fast that accidents are more prone to happen
  • I just have bad experiences with these

On the other hand, the driver of the airconditioned Ceres bus said that he will go. After a few minutes, the last van left and the bus was still there. With just a few passengers, the driver decided to wait for the next ferry to arrive. 4 hours later. Even then, he didn’t leave that I was forced to swallow my pride and took the van to Kalibo then a bus to Iloilo.

The antique bells of Passi Church
The antique bells of Passi Church

I had plans to visit many churches in Iloilo with a sidetrip to Guimaras for a brief stop as I haven’t gone to this island before. But all went to naught as looking at my watch, I was racing against time to follow my schedule of making it back in Cebu. What the heck, I said to myself, a stop in Passi and take images of its Spanish colonial era church won’t hurt.

A rather unusual tricycle in Passi
A rather unusual tricycle in Passi

Tired and lacking sleep, I sometimes ask myself why am I doing this tedious and tiresome journey but I always have a reason to do it, despite the difficulties.

It was already noon that I was at the Iloilo City pier to catch my fast craft ride to Bacolod City. Other than the batchoy incident (next post), I arrived in Bacolod at around 1400H.

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