Finally arriving in San Carlos City, I was just too tired and accepting of my fate spending the night here. Two hours and a half hours ago, the last ferry bound for Cebu left and during that time, I was still tracing the meandering mountain highway in Don Salvador Benedicto.

The Murcia – Don Salvador Benedicto road is my highway of dreams. It’s one of the best highway experience that I’ve had in the country that kilometer after kilometer, I can’t just help but be in awe at the natural scenery unfolding before me. Stunning mountain ranges, cool weather and the scent of pine trees make this a trip to remember.

Credit it to forgetfulness, nay, time chasing, that a meal of 70 pesos ($1.50) almost left me broke in Iloilo City as I was en route to Cebu via Bacolod City. Good thing, technology and the internet coupled with the wonders of Western Union played important roles and saved the day. So to speak.

This leg of the trip cost me much time that later affected my plans of reaching Cebu on the night of the second day. Just imagine, four hours of waiting for the bus to finally go, as promised by the driver but then, even promises are made to be broken.

I was at it again! This time, not the full loop as what I did before. When I was going home for the holidays from Makati to Cebu last month, I decided to go via the torturous and draining western land route. While shorter than the trip via Bicol, it’s no less than tiring.