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I’m raring to go on the road again!

A skimboarder surveying the waters for that wave to ride the afternoon off near Red Beach in Palo, Leyte.

He was… waiting. Feeling the wind, the water and his heartbeat. Blame it on ennui and the rustle and bustle of polluted Metro Manila that my feet is itching for that ride to nowhere again or just a sojourn to some place else. I was browsing through my files and saw this photo of a skimboarder off Palo in Leyte just near the famous Red Beach where MacArthur and company have been immortalized. He was surveying, looking for that perfect wave to ride. Waiting. Feeling the wind, the water and his heartbeat.

And I can’t just help but sense the tug of being on the road again. After this current book design project is finished, I’m setting my sights around Luzon. Hopefully.

4 thoughts on “I’m raring to go on the road again!”

  1. “For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”
    – Robert Louis Stevenson-

  2. gie2

    hay naku…wlang kwenta!!!! pangit ng service ng companya na ito,,,

    kung may ibang masasakyan na bus papuntang mindanao d na aq sasakay sa bus ng companya na ito,,,

  3. See you in Luzon. I am planning on a very long road trip from Nueva Ecija Passing Nueva Vizcaya – Ifugao then to Ilocos Region and then taking the route of Pangasinan when I go back. Have a safe trip.

  4. sidney, that’s a really nice quotation that I can very much relate to.

    lawstude, that would be a good endeavor. i will await that in your blog. that would be interesting.

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