Takayama Hachiman Festival

A marvelous glimpse of Takayama’s splendid Autumn Festival

It was with great excitement when our Japanese hosts announced that we will have a glimpse of Takayama’s famous Autumn Festival. And who wouldn’t? Takayama’s Spring (April 14 & 15) and Autumn (October 9 & 10) Festivals is considered as one of the three most beautiful festivals in Japan together with Kyoto’s Gion and Saitama’s […]


Where to stay

Octoberfest at Sofitel Manila
Where to celebrate true Octoberfest in Manila

It’s October and that only means one thing: OCTOBERFEST!!! But will you just go to any Octoberfest celebration in the country, especially in Metro Manila? Of course, no! Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila and the German Club (founded 1906 in Manila) will be hosting the 76th Octoberfest and it will be one fun filled event that […]

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