Pokestop in Cebu

Guide to the Top 10 Pokemon Go Pokestop areas in Cebu City

Cebu City is teeming with Pokestops! But there are just places with more than enough and you would want to head to these areas to maximize your Pokemon hunting, filling up on those balls and walking around to incubate and hatch eggs. Surprisingly, its the uptown area as well as the old quarter that has […]


Where to stay

Pagadian one peso bbq
One peso pork barbecue. Hahaha

It piqued my interest when I read from Journeying James about the one peso pork barbecue in Pagadian that I decided to see it for myself when I visited over the weekend. Although there was no specific locality indicated except that it’s near Plaza Luz, tricycle drivers know where it is. And when I actually […]

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This ain’t a fair world, really. There are just some doors open to those with the right credentials. In Macau, there’s a particular portal that is reserved for the ultra rich and high rollers. Piles of money that they can afford to burn in a night.

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