Peace & serenity in Jeoldu-san, Seoul’s beheading mountain

The breeze was cool and comforting, as I gazed down the Han River, enjoying a quite afternoon in Jeoldu-san. The promontory has great views of this part of Mapo-gu, in Seoul. The trees provided a much needed shade, rustling gently while the sound of birds and vehicles passing the motorway merged. Although serene and peaceful, […]


Where to stay

Cafe Marco vegetarian dishes
Cafe Marco Cebu whips up refreshing vegetarian dishes

Not many people find vegetarian food options interesting. But I do, although I’m not vegetarian myself. When it comes to this kind of food, it’s not always about salads and dressings, raw vegetables with dips or faux meat but all about colors, textures and, of course, taste. It was thus a good opportunity when I […]

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Discovery Shores suite

I smiled and let out a WOW! when I entered my assigned bedroom suite at the Discovery Shores in Boracay. After an overnight trip from Batangas and a rather hectic travel schedule the previous weeks, I badly needed a break. But if not for a short magazine assignment in this resort island, I would just […]

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