Visita Iglesia Cagayan

Visita Iglesia Cagayan: Touring Tuguegarao to Aparri

Rich in history and heritage, Visita Iglesia Cagayan is an apt endeavor to explore and get to know the faith and piety of the Cagayanos, especially that summer is here and Holy Week is near. From Tuguegarao straight up to Aparri, discover places of religious importance, get to know the brick structures whose building materials […]


Where to stay

Canvas Bistro
Breakfast in Cebu is way better in Canvas Bistro

The eggs benedict came in white china, wide square plate with curved sides. The yolk was raring to burst from its sac as hollandaise sauce dripped at one side of the slice of wheat bread and on to the shiny white surface of the plate. The grilled tomatoes, the folded emmental cheese and dark red […]

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Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort

How would you want to relax and have soothing massage in an open bamboo hut with stunning views of the sea? Add the natural sounds of the waves crashing on the coraline rocks, the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves? Or feel the cool breeze blowing? No need for artificial piped in nature […]

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