Japan business visa

How to apply for a visa to Japan for BUSINESS travel

So, I’m going back to Japan this November for a media invitation by one of the top travel companies in that country. This time, I got so excited and was really expecting to get a multiple entry visa as I’ve visited it twice last year. We filed the application last Monday, I was informed that it […]


Where to stay

Stewed pork leg (khao kha mu)
Bangkok street eats: heavenly Khao kha moo (stewed pork leg on rice)

I was very much delighted. After the photoshoot at a condo within Sala Daeng in Bangkok, I hurried to the street diner that I passed an hour ago. Within a few minutes, I was seated, a smile on my face as I took a spoonful of the jasmine rice and pieces of stewed pork leg. […]

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Discovery Shores suite

I smiled and let out a WOW! when I entered my assigned bedroom suite at the Discovery Shores in Boracay. After an overnight trip from Batangas and a rather hectic travel schedule the previous weeks, I badly needed a break. But if not for a short magazine assignment in this resort island, I would just […]

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