Tangub City Christmas Symbol

Tangub City Christmas Symbols is all aglow and festive

Tangub City Christmas Symbols Capital of the Philippines. Yes, Tangub City is considered as one, what with its impressive displays of Christmas tableaus all aglow and all lit up that you can just gawk in wonder. It’s actually amazing with all those dancing colored lights, moving parts and the festive atmosphere can make your visit […]


Where to stay

Kisso Japanese Restaurant
Kisso Bento, a gustatory feast of colors, taste and textures

Kisso Bento: a festival of taste and I was thrilled the moment I stepped in to Kisso, the well respected Japanese Restaurant at the 8th floor of the Westin Bangkok to have lunch. The coppery glow of the interior was inviting as I smiled in acknowledgement to the sweet greetings of two ladies who welcomed […]

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The Manor

It was one of the charming bed and breakfast accommodations I’ve seen that is good for the budget. The Naga Manor, offers comfort and quite in a homey setting that is just walking distance to Naga City’s food strip, Magsaysay Ave. I was told that the mansion was a Marcos era structure (70s), that was […]

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