Look! Quezon Memorial Shrine bathed in shifting colored lights

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I have something to confess. In my entire life of studying, working and living in Metro Manila, since 1991, it was only the third week of September that I have, finally, visited the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City. Sure, I know about it, as that one big grand rotunda with a tall, art deco style monument that I’ve been passing whenever I am in the area. But it actually is amazing once you get inside. The park is big, at around 27 hectares and, although it is called a Circle, is actually in the shape of an ellipse with the 66 meter monument the centerpiece of the park.

This monumnent, built in 1950s was designed by Federico Ilustre designed as the mausoleum of former President Manuel Quezon and his wife, Dona Aurora Aragon. It houses a gallery and museum and the top crowned by three angels representing Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, carved by Francesco Monti, an Italian sculptor who took residence in Manila. Although, I haven’t yet entered the structure, visiting it at night is spectacular as it is bathed in colored lights, changing every few seconds. And I can’t help but marvel and be in awe of such display. Check below for a video of the changing lights. Spectacular!

What about you? Have you visited the shrine?

NOTE: Video is originally three minutes plus but I purposely hastened the frame rate to make it within one minute. Actual changing of colors is slower than in the video.

The Quezon Memorial Shrine at night is lighted with colored lights

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