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Things to do in Bandung for a memorable visit

The highland city of Bandung reminds me of Baguio. But better and more interesting. For the first time traveler, it is such a beautiful city filled with geologic wonders, cheap shopping, great food, and of course, it’s Indonesia’s art deco capital. Life here is a bit slow but the cool weather make it the perfect […]


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Waterfront Hotel Cebu 4th of July
Celebrate 4th of July at Cafe Uno, the Waterfront Hotel Cebu

It’s just a few days away and our American friends will be celebrating their 240th commemoration of their Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. For Filipinos and expats in Cebu, this joyous event is marked with a series of activities at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino. There’s a motorcade, a fashion show, […]

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Club Paradise Palawan beachside villa

I love my beach side villa stay at Club Paradise Palawan. Not because it’s free but it’s one of those experiences that you can’t just take for granted. Especially if you’ve been quite busy working for the past month, zipping from one destination to the next and going back. Tight deadlines, copious articles to write […]

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