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The beautiful Combento Cave Pool

The cool cave pools of Anda in Bohol

Anda in Bohol is famous for its long white sand beach but for the traveler, there are other options, like the beautiful and cool cave pools.

Interior of Tata Benito's Coffee Shop

First impressions at Tata Benito’s Coffee Shop

The space is a bit of an ‘organized jumble’ with a street of Davao City painting as a ceiling. But what it lacks in sophisticated ambiance compared to the more established coffee shops is made up for its more homey feel.

The rural and the urban as seen from Cordova, Mactan

Rediscovering Cebu: City view, Part 2 of 5

Cebu City, the city of lights is best viewed at a distance and Cebu has some known vantage points and view decks that gives one a ringside view.


Are you ready to eat puyoy?

At just P5 per stick with about 2-3 or even 4 pieces of eel, depending on the size, you can have a delectable and bony snack. Pair it with freshly cooked rice and you have a filling meal.

A look inside the P1,500 room

Anda Global Beach Resort

If you are only here to stay, Anda Global Beach resort can be a good base. But like the rest of the seaside resorts can be pricey.

A stretch of beautiful white sand

A great time at Bitoon White Beach

I just love this simple white beach. No question about it. Bitoon White Beach in Brgy. Birhen, Anda, Bohol is unassuming, no pretense whatsoever and you can just dip at its clear waters, frolic and enjoy the sun, sea and sand. If you want, you can even dive in one of its modest cliffs.

Yep, that's me giving a budget place to travel to.

Ang Langyaw in SunStar Weekend

Ang Langyaw is featured in a collection of travel blogger contributions compiled by Jona Branzuela Bering published in SunStar Weekend 6 April 2013