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Just some of the travel images that I've posted via Instagram

Ang Langyaw is also on Instagram

Are you interested with travel photography? Ang Langyaw now keeps you updated in real time of his travels as he posts images while visiting places or in transit via Instagram.

A bundle of beautifully wrapped suman caught my eye while riding a traysikad in Taluksangay's main street

Taluksangay’s beautifully wrapped suman

I’ve always been curious about native food and delicacies. Almost each place that I’ve been to, there’s always something different to offer. And Taluksangay is no exception with its beautifully wrapped suman.

Motorized pumpboats awaiting passengers to ferry them acros or into the nearby surrounding villages

A short stop in Pontevedra, Capiz

Pontevedra, a bustling municipality just adjacent to Roxas City has, for time immemorial, have always been a trading post. Now, it is the mud crab capital of Capiz.

Double Cheese Beef Kebab, savory and delicious

An interesting kebab find in Makati

Kebab Turki Baba Rafi at the Dela Rosa Carpark is a find. And sampling what they have to offer is a wonderful discovery.

Beautiful Situbo Falls in Tampilisan, Zamboanga del Norte dwarfs two men at the bottom

Awe inspiring Situbo Falls

I was mesmerized the first time I saw it up close, stunned with its awe inspiring beauty. But the foreboding dark clouds above were jealous that I had to take one last glimpse at it and walked away. If it didn’t started to rain, I would have just sat on a flat rock and stared at it for hours on end.

Cover of the latest Langyaw photo e-magazine, now in its 5th edition

Langyaw #5 Pit Senor free photo emagazine

The latest edition of my photo e-magazine series, Langyaw #05 Pit Senior! focuses on the Sto. Nino devotion and the Sinulog Festival. FREE DOWNLOAD

Sea view suite with balcony, the most expensive room in the hotel

Best hotel to stay in Surigao City

I like Hotel Tavern. From the looks of it, grand, modern, has sophistication and finesse that comes as a surprise in Surigao City.

Skyscanner nomination

Langyaw nominated BEST PHOTOBLOG

Langyaw has been recognized again, this time, a nomination in Skyscanner’s BEST PHOTOBLOG category. Vote for me!

Decked with halo halo ingredients, this fluffy and delicious ensaimada is a steal!

Good & best value for money ensaimada in Cebu?

Its monstrous, fluffy and filling at great value for money, the Marco Polo Plaza Hotel ensaimada is a must bring pasalubong from Cebu or good for merienda.