Skyroam, a reliable pocket wifi in Japan

You need a reliable pocket wifi in Japan, a Skyroam review

Because… Instagram. Facebook. Ingress. Pokemon Go. Because… you can’t actually rely on the free wifi available like in Osaka. Just some of the few but important reasons why you need a reliable pocket wifi in Japan. And just like you who continually update my social media accounts on my whereabouts, bringing one is actually better […]


Where to stay

Canvas Bistro
Breakfast in Cebu is way better in Canvas Bistro

The eggs benedict came in white china, wide square plate with curved sides. The yolk was raring to burst from its sac as hollandaise sauce dripped at one side of the slice of wheat bread and on to the shiny white surface of the plate. The grilled tomatoes, the folded emmental cheese and dark red […]

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Casita Mia Bed and Breakfast

Casita Mia Bed and Breakfast is located a little farther before the town center and a good distance from the beach front, inside an alley that is quiet. It has comfortable rooms and offer respectable breakfast that is the usual: tocilog, tapsilog, and other silog varieties together with 3-in-1 instant coffee. The room size is […]

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