The Carmen Hotel

The best boutique hotel in Naga City

Probably, it’s the best boutique hotel in Naga City. I’ve been frequenting Naga City for the past several years either for visits due to travel blogging invites or just for the love of being in this place. But one of the things that got me excited ever since I found out about it last year […]


Where to stay

Leona's Cakes & Pastries
Good coffee & cakes at a great price at my favorite Cebu cake shop

It’s habit forming. But whenever I pass by SM Seaside City mall enroute to my shoot whenever I am in Cebu, or on the way back, I have been dropping by Leona’s most of the time. Many times. Lately. If not to have coffee and a slice of cake, its egg tart or their turnovers. […]

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Costa Pacifica Baler

Yes, I love the modern and minimalist suites of Costa Pacifica in Baler. It’s a well designed private space with a great color palette that is welcoming and refreshing. Unlike cheap hotels that give you stuffy rooms, the Junior Premier Suite that we stayed at was quite spacious, at 40 square meters. It’s not only […]

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