best roro in the philippines

Fastcat roro is awesome! This is my firsthand account of my experience traveling with this company. I’m no stranger traveling by roro in the country but the best roro in the Philippines right now is no other than the new fleet of FastCat roll on roll offs. For the longest time, Montenegro lines has lorded it over the roro segment, connecting vital islands and giving an alternative way of traveling. For most of my traveling life, I’ve rode them countless number of times but usually…Continue Reading “FastCat roro, a comfortable ride from Mindoro to Caticlan”

One of the things that I like about traveling between Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur International Airport (both Terminals 1 & 2, KLIA and KLIA2, respectively) is the ease, speed and convenience via the KLIA Ekspres, a high speed, direct line train transfer that only takes you 28 minutes along the 57 kilometer track. There’s fast free wifi onboard, baggage racks and comfortable seats. What I love during a day trip? The views of the countryside and the changing terrain and landscape as one approaches…Continue Reading “Fastest & most convenient way to travel from KLIA to KL”

I was burning with fever, my nose runny and have a cough and outside, it was slightly drizzling. I had to pull myself out of the capsule. If only I need not travel on such a bad day but I already spent 18,690 yen the previous night (equivalent to P8,600+ in Philippine currency) and sleeping inside the capsule isn’t really a good idea to just rest for the day. I checked out of the hotel, walked to the Ueno train station but although it was…Continue Reading “For the experience, an expensive Nozomi shinkansen to Kyoto”

Why would you go with the crowd, fall in line or follow a long queue when you can do a self check-in at the airport? These self service check-in machines are a god send and whenever I’m at the airport, I usually use these for faster checkin. No queues, no lines. So far, I’ve tried Cebu Pacific Air’s (at all major airports around the country) and Air Asia (Terminal 4). But at the Mactan International Airport in Cebu, which is on a transition to a…Continue Reading “New self service check-in kiosks at Mactan Airport”

Q. For Japanese visitors and tourists, should you always get the JR Pass? A. Not at all. It all depends really on your itinerary. When one checks out posts on what’s the best way to go around Japan, the JR Pass is much regarded because, to a point, it will really save you big time. But first one should consider the price. At 38,880 YEN minimum purchase for an adult, 7 day pass, that is really expensive. But do you always have to get this?…Continue Reading “Why I took the Keisei Skyliner from Narita to Tokyo instead of JR Pass”