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A 2.5 hour trip from Yeongwol to Seoul by train

The day was rather dreary, a slight drizzle has soaked wet the earth and cement flooring when we arrived at Yeongwol Station for our trip back to Seoul. The past few days were rather hectic with the opening of the Donggang International Photo Festival where I was one of the featured photographers. But the station was beautiful, done in traditional Korean architecture which at least brightened us up. It was rather small with a ticket office inside. Just behind the structure is the rail track and a covered platform where passengers wait. As this is just one of the stops along the route, there were no restaurants, souvenir shops or other stalls inside. Not long after coming here, our train arrived, bid our hosts goodbye and boarded.

The train sounded and our journey to Seoul started. I love that the seats were comfortable with a wide leg room and large windows which was perfect to have a relaxing ride while looking at the scenery go by. Houses and gardens gave way to fields and waterways. Then mountains and other towns. Since it was a rather overcast and wet day, there was really nothing interesting to see. In no time, the countryside gave way to houses then buildings till we heard an announcement that we are nearing our destination, Seoul, the capital.

Yeongwol to Seoul by train
Facade of the Yeongwol Train Station
Yeongwol to Seoul by train
Pretty Yeongwol Station in traditional Korean architecture design
Wet and dreary day to travel, at Yeongwol Station
Yeongwol to Seoul by train
Passengers waiting for their trains
Yeongwol to Seoul by train
The KoRail train bound for Seoul
View of the train interior
Agricultural scenery near Yeongwol
Somewhere along the route, a rather dreary and sad view near Seoul
Arriving 2.5 hours later in Seoul from Yeongwol
The modern Cheongyangni Station in Seoul

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