I just miss traveling when I stay longer than usual here in Makati for work. I miss the beach, interesting food, great places and staycations that my mind drifted to Palawan and now reminiscing my two night stay at Club Paradise in Dimakya Island off Coron. The resort is remote and gives you that feeling of a real staycation, a real vacation away from the trivialities of life, where the breaking waves wake you up in the morning, good food, cozy suites and restful sleep….Continue Reading “10 things I miss in Club Paradise Coron”

I was catching my breath as the stream of hikers in both directions were passing the narrow but stony path down to where the famous blue fire was. Hikers in trekking gear while others were in jeans and sneakers. I just didn’t mind the incessant offers of pieces of sulphur and gas mask. All I can think of was if it’s worth the risk considering my condition. It was already past 0430H and our main guide told me that it might no longer be advisable…Continue Reading “Fear and loathing climbing to the crater of Kawah Ijen”

The small plane of Garuda Airlines, an ATR type aircraft, ascended from Blimbingsari Airport in Banyuwangi, East Java, to a beautiful morning with clear skies. It was a good thing that the seat number given to me was a left window seat and a little behind the wing of the plane. I looked out the window and all I can see was sloped greenery but in a few minutes, the outline of a volcano came into view. As it rounded the mountain, to my bewilderment,…Continue Reading “Seeing eight of East Java’s volcanoes in one hour”

I have something to confess. In my entire life of studying, working and living in Metro Manila, since 1991, it was only the third week of September that I have, finally, visited the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City. Sure, I know about it, as that one big grand rotunda with a tall, art deco style monument that I’ve been passing whenever I am in the area. But it actually is amazing once you get inside. The park is big, at around 27 hectares and,…Continue Reading “Look! Quezon Memorial Shrine bathed in shifting colored lights”

I’ve always wanted to explore the Gili Islands, Bali’s more laid back sister popular for its marine life. The Gilis consists of three islands: Gili Trawangan, the party island and the biggest of the three, Gili Meno in the middle, and Gili Air, its name derived from the Bahasa for water because it is the only one with underground fresh water. It’s located northwest of Lombok. Cars and motorcycles are prohibited via a local ordinance and the main transportation around these islands are either bikes…Continue Reading “Swimming with the fishes and more at Lombok’s Gili Islands”