It’s just a few days away and our American friends will be celebrating their 240th commemoration of their Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. For Filipinos and expats in Cebu, this joyous event is marked with a series of activities at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino. There’s a motorcade, a fashion show, among others. And of course, food. What is a celebration without this very important preparation? The special 4th of July buffet at Uno, the hotel’s main restaurant offers sumptuous American…Continue Reading “Celebrate 4th of July at Cafe Uno, the Waterfront Hotel Cebu”

I caught up with RJ, a friend from Iligan who has done some traveling from time to time even if he is still a student. He agreed to be featured and just like the first Travelers post, I asked him the same set of questions. Check out his favorite places and Instagram images below. Can you tell me something about yourself as a traveler? There are lots of reasons why we travel. For me, sometimes I travel as a means of escape. You see, being…Continue Reading “RJ: Getting a sun kissed skin and chasing waterfalls”

We pulled over at a forested area along the main highway where the road slightly descends at a bend. The area is cool because of the canopy of trees and after negotiating a flight of steps, got to the park grouds. A breeze blew, rustling branches and leaves as an old lady was busy sweeping the pavement. The cave’s opening contrasted with the rock wall. We walked closer and leaned over. At first we can’t see a thing but as our eyes managed to adapt…Continue Reading “The tragic history of Luyang Cave in Catanduanes”

I was in awe. Although the sky was overcast and the threat of rain was imminent, I was standing infront of a beautiful structure. It was made of steel and built in 1964. And I have not seen anything like it ever. I was transfixed and moved, never mind if I had to walk uphill for almost a kilometer from the subway station but there was no other way for me to get to this stunning work. And at last, my first Kenzo Tange, recipient…Continue Reading “Oh Tokyo, Tokyo, a glimpse is not enough!”

Nothing beats the beauty of these trees in full bloom during summer (usually from February to April) in Malaybalay City in Bukidnon. Just infront of the cathedral are these trees fronting the park. For people in this city, it signals the start of summer and is a welcome sight. Much more when the trees defoliate and only the yellow flowers are left while the grounds are also littered with these golden blossoms. The tree is not native to the Philippines. Two Facebook contacts, Wally Suarez…Continue Reading “Malaybalay’s beautiful yellow flowers during summer”