I was in awe of the vertical rock faces, karst forests and rugged terrain that make up the Caramoan islands as our motorized outrigger (READ: banca) sped off from the shallows of Caramoan town’s beach to a far eastern destination within the peninsula. Survivor Caramoan was there. Yes. Survivor Holland to be exact and the popular beaches in the islands and islets were unfortunately off limits. But then, this beautiful peninsula has more to offer and for a group of travelers with only a day…Continue Reading “An interesting hidden cove in the Caramoan islands”

My Isla Gigantes trip in Iloilo last February was one of the best vacation I had in years! I was unplugged (offline) and was there just to enjoy the sea, go caving and reflect as I started a new decade in my life. One of the hightlights of that trip? Island hopping over several pristine and beautiful white sand beaches in islets with friendly fishes, a sandbar and a lagoon. Cabugao Dako (kabugao is Hiligaynon for pomelo) is one of the interesting islets that I…Continue Reading “Postcard pretty beach at Isla Gigantes”

Kuya J Restaurant opened their space just recently at SM City Cebu with a beautifully thought out interior design that exudes home comfort with a modern edge. It is ideal for family lunches and dinners or eating out with barkadas and work teams. But is the food good? I should say yes, in fact, this post lists the top ten that I personally loved and would want to order again when I visit the second time. Think of traditional Filipino comfort food that we’ve come…Continue Reading “10 top dishes you should try at Kuya J restaurant”

One thing that I’ve seen and got me curious in Tahanan, that beautiful villa in Diniwid, Boracay Island where I stayed for a couple of days, is the use of aquaponics to grow vegetables and herbs in its garden. Aquaponics what? I know hydroponics, growing plants in gravel or sand with nutrients added to water. But aquaponics? I had to check out online, as defined by Google: a system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by farmed fish or other aquatic animals supplies nutrients…Continue Reading “10 reasons why Aquaponics is ideal in Boracay”

It’s easy to spot a volcano or two in a particular landscape in the Philippines. But seeing five in one spot? That may seem a lot but, yes, there’s a particular place in Bicol, specifically along a highway in Ocampo, Camarines Sur, when four volcanoes at the left and one at the right (when going to San Jose Partido), just line up and amaze you! That is, if you know that these are volcanoes! A few kilometers from the town of Ocampo, enroute to San…Continue Reading “Where to see 5 volcanoes in one spot”