In this post, I am listing the seven memorable places that I’ve been to this 2013. Although I’ve traveled extensively this year, these were unforgettable places with beautiful experiences. Thank you 2013! Magpupungko Rock, Pilar, Siargao The first time I visited Siargao was more than a decade ago. This year, when I went back with a friend, it was still a memorable place. We didn’t go out to surf but visited Cloud Nine, stayed at swanky Isla Cabana and were amazed at the beautiful tidal…Continue Reading “7 memorable places I’ve traveled to in 2013”

It was quite far off the known haunts of Jose Rizal, Philippine national hero but I hopped on a bus bound for Daet in Camarines Norte to visit one monument, the first ever erected in the world and dedicated to the national hero. It’s a heritage monument built in 1898, two years after his death, and people of the province take so much pride in this historic achievement that it is part of the provincial seal. For those who follow Rizal, especially those who did…Continue Reading “First Jose Rizal monument in Daet”

As 2013 is drawing to a close, I asked these travel bloggers just one question: What’s the best thing that happened to you as a traveler and why? Below are there answers and their brief backgrounds on travel blogging. Kirk Acebron Philippine Anatomy and Beyond Twitter: @kirkanatomy I’m Kirk Acebron RN, MAN ©. On 2008, while 100,000+ unemployed nurses in the country committed themselves to find the unreachable hospital jobs, I decided to have a break first and spend time to relax – I find…Continue Reading “New travel bloggers look back”

It was my first time to try eggnog, that traditional anglosphere drink that is often consumed as part of the Christmas festivities. Made from whipped eggs, sugar, milk or cream then topped with nutmeg, the frothy drink is just delicious. I wouldn’t mind having a second helping. Cafe Marco, Marco Polo Hotel Cebu’s signature F&B outlet and judged 5th Best Restaurant in the Philippines by the prestigious Miele Guide, is currently having their Festive Buffet, a unique and flavorful array of Christmas favorites on top…Continue Reading “Cafe Marco’s must try Festive Buffet”

I got excited when I peeked at the glass walls of the mall and saw that the giant lanterns San Fernando were already lighted that I quickened my pace to the parking lot where a sizable number of people were already gathered. Finally, after several years, I’ve visited the famous giant lanterns of San Fernando, Pampanga! The Giant Lantern Festival San Fernando is a yearly event in San Fernando, Pampanga. What started as a religious activity at the start of the 20th century and progressed…Continue Reading “Colorful, bright giant lanterns of San Fernando”