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Touchdown! Landed at Miri Airport from Manila via AirAsia Zest
Touchdown! Landed at Miri Airport from Manila via AirAsia Zest

It was already late afternoon when the AirAsia Zest plane, still painted with its old logo, landed at Miri Airport. Smoothly. And we passengers, probably just around 20, spilled out of the plane and onto the tarmac, walking to the main building. Finally. Sarawak. Malaysia. Borneo.

I actually had second thoughts of doing this trip, a promotional fare by AirAsia Zest, being a new route. But then, why not? I haven’t been to Borneo. My trip to Kota Kinabalu last year (December) didn’t push through and I haven’t been to Brunei too. This is also my first time to fly under AirAsia Zest so everything’s quite unpredictable.

Beautiful tent like roofing of Miri Airport
Beautiful tent like roofing of Miri Airport

Sarawak is known for adventure, caving, national parks and massive mountains. It is also known for the several tribes that inhabit its forests and cities. But really, I don’t know what to expect. I usually don’t do extensive researches but a cursory glance of information I’ve gone through, seems promising.

I might not be able to go trekking. Physically, am not prepared for it. But, it would be exciting to just explore the cities of Miri and Kuching, the state capital. I’m interested with what food it has to offer, the sites and whatever that will be interesting.

I’m ready to be surprised.

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