Here I go again. Inflicting myself an undeniably tough time traveling. Am I a sadist? I started traveling from Manila as early as 2AM today for my flight to Cebu. Then a connecting flight to Surigao City. Then an eight hour bus trip going to Cagayan de Oro. You might ask, why then bother with a Surigao flight if my destination is Cagayan de Oro? Well, suffice to say that the ticket made available to me was free. And since I have someone to meet…Continue Reading “Dispatch: The long road to Cagayan de Oro”

No, I’m not centerfold material and I get to keep my clothes on. Leave the nudity to those interested women. I finally got a copy of Playboy Philippines’s Travel issue (published October) and it was an honor to be featured with other travel celebrities like Robert Alejandro, Bogart the Explorer and a blogger friend, Jed Rosell. Well, while I’ve been featured in other publications, this is the first time that I have to be at the other side of the camera! The short feature basically…Continue Reading “Ang Langyaw featured in Playboy (Philippines)”

Smoke rose up the roof as the Leslie lechon spit had two pigs skewered with long bamboo poles over a pile of embers. For the past one and a half hour, Rose Enjambre-Inoc, 55 years old, seated at a low stool adroitly manipulated the poles, turning these to the left for a couple of minutes, then to the right. She’s a veteran in Talisay City’s lechon industry, having gained a solid 40 year experience working first with the city’s ┬ápremier manginasalay (literally, roaster) and acknowledged…Continue Reading “Visiting a lechon roaster in Talisay”

The ride from the capital city, Alor Setar was long, 10 kilometers to the mouth of the Kedah River in Kuala Kedah, but the scenic countryside and good roads were enough to make the trip comfortable and not boring. There, at the coast is an interesting fort that was built during the 17th century by the Portuguese, strengthened in 1771 by Sultan Abdullah Mukarram Shah and has been a silent witness to the struggles of Kedah, the Portuguese and British, the ruling sultans and the…Continue Reading “Kuala Kedah Fort”

This so far has been my longest stay in Bohol, nine days, in fact, documenting what’s left of the churches, both affected heavily by the earthquake of 15 October and those that remained standing. As I gaze into the ceilings of many of these churches, I am seeing a glimpse of heaven as painted by the Cebuano artists, Rey Francia and Canuto Avila in the 20s and 30s. But of course, in between shoot, breaks and traveling to the next church, there was the beautiful…Continue Reading “Dispatch: Going around in Bohol”