The island province of Bohol is not just Chocolate Hills, white beaches, and tarsiers. But most importantly, the still extant heritage structures are one of the province’s enduring legacies that mark the piety and religiousness of the Boholanos. While the old churches, especially that of Baclayon is probably one of the well known, if not the most famous of these structures, there are other interesting sites that are worth visiting but often overlooked. Below are four heritage structures that are noteworthy but missed out by…Continue Reading “Churches, a ruin and a watchtower in Bohol”

It was already late afternoon, at almost 5PM but the sun was still bright, kind of different back in the Philippines. At this month of September, almost the end of summer here in Paris, the sun sets at around 8PM. I was already too tired from walking: from the hotel to the Invalides, to the Louvre and now, on my way to Notre Dame, I caught sight of this beautiful, baroque style fountain with the image of St. Michael slaying the devil. Fontaine St. Michel…Continue Reading “Historic Place St. Michel at the Latin Quarter”

Tunisia is a popular holiday destination for many reasons. Some of the most compelling reasons to visit are the numerous world heritage sites and the vast history that resides here. Across the country there are many sights to see and much to learn about Tunisia through the ages. Book a Direct Holidays Tunisia trip today and find out what made the Romans and other settlers love the country so much. It is best to visit in the spring or autumn if a lot of sightseeing…Continue Reading “Historical Hotspots in Tunisia”

The weather was somber and skies overcast as the TGV train from Perpignan, France, where I stayed for the night, meandered its way through the beautiful southern French countryside. Scenes of vineyards, rolling hills, the Mediterranean Sea and medieval towns and cities with its sprinkling of old and new architecture flashed past as I was staring out the high speed train’s window. For the past 11 days, I’ve been from Paris for the opening of the Photoquai 2013, walked around the beautiful city with its…Continue Reading “Going back to Paris, end of the Europe trip”

Three hours after arriving in Abu Dhabi International Airport, the Air France plane started its ascent and, flying westerly to our final destination, Paris, the most surreal landscape unfolded before me. Deserts. Different shades of brown stretching into the horizon. A martian scene that caught me off guard, surprised despite havng seen the Middle East and its landscape in images and videos. I was just transfixed at the seeming beauty but all I can think of is that I can’t possibly live there. Sooner, the…Continue Reading “Dispatch #02 Flying over deserts and the Cradle of Civilization”