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Historic Place St. Michel at the Latin Quarter

The popular and historic Place St. Michel at the 5th Arrondissement
The popular and historic Place St. Michel at the 5th Arrondissement at the Quartier Latin

It was already late afternoon, at almost 5PM but the sun was still bright, kind of different back in the Philippines. At this month of September, almost the end of summer here in Paris, the sun sets at around 8PM. I was already too tired from walking: from the hotel to the Invalides, to the Louvre and now, on my way to Notre Dame, I caught sight of this beautiful, baroque style fountain with the image of St. Michael slaying the devil.

Fontaine St. Michel at the Place (plaza) is a renaissance style fountain popular in Paris starting from the 17th century and it was the last monumental one placed wall side. It was built in 1858-1860 by the architect Gabriel Davioud during the French Second Empire, part of the Baron Haussmann project for the reconstruction of Paris.

The original design of Gabriel was on peace at the center of the Place but the prefect authorities who will pay for the construction want him instead to hide the back wall of the building at the corner of Boulevard Saint Michel and Saint-André des Arts. Place St. Michel has been a popular protest area by students and the French since the late 19th century.

Close up of the sculptures of the Place St. Michel
Close up of the sculptures of the dragon at the Place St. Michel

There were lots of tourists and passersby walking around the Place. Most taking photos of the the monumental St. Michel (St. Michael). Others were just hanging out. But you can actually know who’s the tourist and who are locals.

I gazed up the beautiful monument and was in awe. A pair of European style dragons standing by the side. Up there at the center, St. Michel (or San Miguel in Spanish) was reading to slay the supine devil on the rock. Above him are the four cardinal virtues.

In amazement, I also remembered that Iligan City’s feast day (today) was already near. As I finished taking images of the fountain, I started toArchangel, demon slayer.

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  1. I think I saw this in a movie somewhere.. Hmm.. Angels vs demons? Or maybe not, madaming same style structure nito kasi. Never ceases to amaze me! =)

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