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Going back to Paris, end of the Europe trip


The weather was somber and skies overcast as the TGV train from Perpignan, France, where I stayed for the night, meandered its way through the beautiful southern French countryside. Scenes of vineyards, rolling hills, the Mediterranean Sea and medieval towns and cities with its sprinkling of old and new architecture flashed past as I was staring out the high speed train’s window.

For the past 11 days, I’ve been from Paris for the opening of the Photoquai 2013, walked around the beautiful city with its erratic weather and cold temperature. I then made my way via train to the southeastern region of Languedoc-Rousillon in the cities of Carcassonne and Toulouse.

From there, I traveled to Barcelona but stayed in Terrassa at my friend, Eduard. Both cities are interesting and beautiful and again explored on foot. One thing that I really liked was that Eduard, and then a new friend, Rita, showed me the nooks and crannies as well as introduced me to the food of these places. A highlight was also a trip to the sacred grounds of Montserrat with his brother Manuel. My gratitude to them.

These 11 days were mostly spent walking all day that in the afternoon and evening, I’m to much spent out and drained. Tired from all the wanderings and explorations. It’s been quite expensive eating out, traveling and staying at hotels but I’m not complaining. This is Europe and I’m very much happy to have experienced her, finally.

It’s now 1300H and the TGV just passed the town of Nimes. In about three hours, I will be again in Paris for my outbound flight back to Manila. As I looked back, I can just smile and look ahead and plan for a return. Soon.

Gracias. Merci. Au revoir.

Written while in transit from Perpignan to Paris.

2 thoughts on “Going back to Paris, end of the Europe trip”

  1. Welcome home na belated! =) I’m sure a plan of return is a great idea! If I too were to make my dream Europe tour come true, it would also be like one of your wanderings by foot, its always great to explore a foreign land by foot and something tells me, you will discover a hell of a lot more through that too. =)

  2. estancabigas

    Bitin lang Micole 🙂

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