Spectacular landscape at Atok highest point

A breathtaking scenery spread early in the morning at Halsema Highway’s highest point. Atok, Benguet. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Highest point marker

As the bus we took from Sagada to Baguio neared the marker to the highest point of the Halsema Highway in Atok, Benguet, we called on the driver to stop, clambered down, crossed the road and when we gazed at the spectacular scenery before us, we were in great awe.

I’ve always loved the Cordilleras, especially early in the morning when the mists haven’t totally lifted from the mountains and the morning sun still near the horizon. Everything is all beautiful and dramatic but never as spectacular at this point of the Halsema Highway, at 7,400 ft.

The Halsema Highway (or the Baguio-Bontoc Highway) is one of the oldest in the Cordilleras. Used to be called the Mountain Trail, it was expanded by the American, then Baguio Mayor Euseibus Julius Halsema and opened in 1930. This is one of the most important road that connects several towns in Benguet.

A slimmer and younger Langyaw at the viewdeck. February 13, 2005.

It’s just so awesome! So visually arresting that for several minutes I was just gazing into the distance while a wisp of cold air blew, a nice way to cap a Sagada vacation and just three days away from my birthday.

How to get here? From Baguio, ride a bus going to Atok, Benguet and just tell the driver to stop at this place. Better if you’re there early in the morning.

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