Langyaw in 2009

In Danao's coast

A man walks to the beach in Danao City early in the morning.

Its the twilight, literally and figuratively, for 2009 as the year is coming to a close and for me and this blog, it has been a good year. Well, travels were not aplenty but for many months of the year, I was shuttling between Makati and Cebu as I was involved on a project that culminated into my latest book: Balaanong Bahandi: Sacred Treasures of the Archdiocese of Cebu. And thus, it is only natural that majority of my travel blog posts focuses on this province, my home.

Cebu-Sugbo kini the series features the island province of Cebu like you’ve never known it. It’s secrets, off-the-beaten-path travels, her people’s devotion to the child, God and king, the Sto. Niño with it’s attendant festival, the Sinulog. There’s culture and heritage, food from various places like Bantayan to Carcar and including the humble puso.

I’ve featured touring around the island from north to south and visiting beautiful, not so known natural attraction. There’s also the stunning moving works of art that is the Cebuano jeepney as well as the once popular jai alai still being played. Included also are multimedia presentations on different aspects of the province. To cap this series, I’ve interviewed Arnold Carl Sancover, Cebu heritage blogger as well as featured his five must visit non-religious heritage sites.

Best Travel Blog, Philippine Blog Awards, 2009Other than featuring my home province, I’ve also included a travel valentine special as well as offered a photo ebook, In Transit and my first e-magazine, 10 Things to Do This Summer. In May, this author and were featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Lifestyle section. And perhaps, the most significant event of the year was being chosen BEST TRAVEL BLOG during the Philippine Blog Awards, one of three wins!

Looking forward to more travels and experiences off the beaten path in 2010.

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