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Exploring around Terrassa is so worth your while with its rich history and Modernista architecture. What’s more, it’s just 27 kilometers by train from Barcelona. I travelled to Barcelona in 2013 after a few days in France where my personal photography work, The New Cathedrals was exhibited during Photoquai in Paris. I was one of the featured photographers. The reason was, at that time, my budget was not enough for a longer stay in Paris and a friend from Terrassa in Barcelona also invited me…Continue Reading “Walking around Terrassa in Barcelona”

Dating to 1 A.D., this is the oldest cemetery I’ve laid eyes on! Rita, a friend I met via Twitter when I got to Barcelona toured me around the nooks and crannies of the old Gothic Quarter and the interesting spaces that aren’t as popular as the quite touristy ones. While walking around, we stumbled at this ancient Roman graveyard at the Plaça Vila de Madrid. The Via Sepulcra Romana, as what the place is called reminds one of the Roman roots of this Spanish…Continue Reading “An ancient Roman graveyard in Barcelona”

In this post, I am listing the seven memorable places that I’ve been to this 2013. Although I’ve traveled extensively this year, these were unforgettable places with beautiful experiences. Thank you 2013! Magpupungko Rock, Pilar, Siargao The first time I visited Siargao was more than a decade ago. This year, when I went back with a friend, it was still a memorable place. We didn’t go out to surf but visited Cloud Nine, stayed at swanky Isla Cabana and were amazed at the beautiful tidal…Continue Reading “7 memorable places I’ve traveled to in 2013”

There are just so many things that a visitor to Barcelona will find, and get to be surprised! The Gothic quarter is one of the popular areas in the city center where remnants of the old walls can still be found. That was a given. Medieval structures that I have been introduced to while in France. But then, a 1st century BC ruins and Roman at that? I was overwhelmed after seeing my first ancient Roman temple ruins! Barcino (now Barcelona) was then a colony…Continue Reading “Ruins of a Roman temple in Barcelona”