In tandem with, presents some visita iglesia routes featuring the existing Filipino Baroque churches in each featured province that are still existing, except that of Intramuros where the lost churches are shown.

While waiting for the Santo Señor Sepulcro’s bier to arrive back at the church in Lucban, I was invited to have cooling halo-halo. What I didn’t expect was the unusual ingredient that they mix it with.

Domingo de Ramos or Palm Sunday, is one of the significant days of the Semana Santa that marks the start of the Holy Week. It is a reenactment of Christ’s entry into Jerusalem when he was received by the people, waving palms while he was riding a donkey. And I witnessed this in Lucban, Quezon.

Paete in Laguna is known for its expert wood carvers and during Holy Week, it’s carving prowess is shown by the number of carrozas bearing lenten images. It has also one of the most unique santo intierro, the dead Christ laying in state that is jointed and undergoes a very unusual ritual akin to Cordillera death rites.

The Friday before Holy Week, another image, that of the crucified Christ undergoes the same ritual but with lesser people and done below the belfry of the church.