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Senakulo in Makati City

The prompter dictating the lines of the live performers.

semanasanta_logo.jpg map_quezon_laguna.gif This is the 6th installment of my Semana Santa series where I feature rituals and traditions observed in certain places during this most solemn week in the Catholic calendar. Click on the image at the right to check the rest of the articles.

Amidst the backdrop of Makati’s high rise towers, a rich religious tradition has survived. Done yearly at the periphery of the country’s financial district, the almost 80 year old Senakulo (Cenacle) has been played out in the vicinities of what is now Brgy. Pio del Pilar alternating in Evangelista and Washington Sts.

The week prior to Holy Week, the street is blocked, to the chagrin of drivers and commuters, and a big stage is set up. On the eve of Palm Sunday, the passion play begins starting with the Creation story. For the entire week until midnight of Easter Sunday, the Senakulo is played out nightly to local audiences accompanied by a brass band with key scenes of Christ’s life, passion and resurrection.

Check out my Pagtu-o site for additional background info on this spectacular event.

One of the performers doing the role of Herod is being prepared by his wife.

The brass band as accompaniment to the passion play.

Backstage, the actors are peeking at the stage while the Kristo is singing a line.

A centurion’s shadow cast during a crucifixion scene.

The Senakulo in progress.

Check out my Pagtu-o site for additional background info on this spectacular event.

5 thoughts on “Senakulo in Makati City”

  1. I hope you were able to complete your Holy Week documentation. Nice pictures you have here. Photojournalism at its best.
    Greetings from Loboc… I going home soon :-(((

  2. good for you to be in bohol sidney. as for me, I was quite disappointed. I went to Betis to document the cordero but i was told it was no longer performed. However, the priest has plans of staging it for next year.

  3. Excellent pictures. I’ve never had any visual idea of Senakulo before.

    Thanks! Peace

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