The motorcycle ride was hot and as we were just coming from Hagimit Falls in Samal City, it didn’t take us long to reach Kaputian’s poblacion. I wasn’t expecting much but the driver insisted that the beach there is beautiful with a stretch of white sand. Coming from a local, we just had to believe him despite not having checked it online. Kaputian Beach Park is just near the small wharf where motorized outrigger boats from Davao City dock and within the poblacion or town…Continue Reading “This beautiful beach is just so crazily wow!”

August was cruel. And in the next four months, from September to December, my travels were more of an escape. Come to think of it, whenever I am in Makati, I just get depressed that I have all sorts of excuses and reasons to travel. That’s what the heartbreak did to me, travel to seek refuge of being anonymous, travel to distract oneself. But no amount of traveling can console me.