Finally, it’s out! Check my newest PDF photo e-book guys! Its FREE!!! To celebrate the seventh year of this blog, I’m making available Langyaw #07 The Philippines in 70 Images ( @ 7). 70 photographs from around the Philippines covering people, food, sports and adventure, landscapes, architecture, culture and festivals as well as Filipinos traveling. The images have been taken in the span of 10 years, starting in 2004 when I first got my digital camera. And the places I’ve been to get these photos?…Continue Reading “Langyaw #07 now available for FREE download!”

DOWNLOAD NOW: [download id=”9″] Finally! the sixth issue of my Langyaw photo e-magazine is out! It’s been several weeks in the making, blogging and editing images. It’s not just another issue but an important guide when visiting Alor Setar. And this is travel photo heavy! Langyaw #06 features the northern capital city of Alor Setar in Kedah, Malaysia. It highlights the many heritage structures, food, and other tourist spots that the place is known for. There are beautiful architecture, both old and modern as well…Continue Reading “Download now! Langyaw #06 Alor Setar FREE photo e-magazine”