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Langyaw #04: Semana Santa in Lucban

Cover of the latest issue
The latest issue of Langyaw, the photo e-magazine is now out and, like the previous releases, it is FREE to download!

semanasanta_logo.jpg This is part of my Semana Santa series where I feature rituals and traditions observed in certain places during this solemn week in the Catholic calendar. Click on the image at the right to check the rest of the articles.

I’ve labored all day yesterday, selecting and edting images, preparing the text and then layouting to come up with this one. Langyaw #04 focuses on the Semana Santa in Lucban which I documented in 2006. This one showcases 60 images with many never seen before.

This also includes a separate article on the Santo Señor Sepulcro, the Pabasa, Domingo de ramos and the important days of Holy Week till Easter Sunday.

Sample page spread

The images were done during the weeklong Holy Week starting with the dressing of the Señor a day before Palm Sunday and all through the wet and fun Easter Sunday. A sample page, above, on the article for the Santo Señor Sepulcro. Lots of images are inside. This is the biggest issue as of now with lots of beautiful and stunning images. Download it now by clicking the link below!

Download [download id=”7″]

5 thoughts on “Langyaw #04: Semana Santa in Lucban”

  1. Chris

    maraming salamat sa pagpapakita sa munti naming bayan ng Lucban! pwede pang bumalik =)

  2. @chris, i’m planning to go there to do some stories on kiping for future posts. I will be featuring your town again soon



  4. anakin

    WOOOW!!! candid shots

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