Caniwara Cove has a sandy beach but a flat rocky shore shallowly and evenly submerged to a few meters to the sea marks this beautiful and enchanting cove.

It was the best beach place I’ve been to. Better than Boracay, not in terms of sand but the pure delight I had in plunging and bathing into its crystal clear waters that we just had to ourselves. Even better than Flower Island.

There are two things that strongly comes to mind when Calayan town is mentioned: the row of Bitaog trees in one of its streets and the pieces of corals, shells and small pebbles sloping at an incline that makes for its beach.

It was just three kilometers from our destination and the coast of Claveria was already in sight but the waves were already huge and traveling for the past few hours was enough to put our nerves to the test.

So this is how it feels to be slowly roasted. I said to myself as the heat of the sun was slowly beating down on my exposed skin, biting, scorching, as our rented pumpboat almost arrived, after nine hours at sea.