I admit, places I’ve visited in Calayan: Cibang and Caniwara Coves and Nagudungan were the most pristine I’ve seen and been to. Its just so beautiful, a piece of paradise. But will it stay the same for years to come?

When in Calayan town proper, there’s really no problem with where to stay. There is an organized homestay program with eleven homeowners but this post will only focus on two that I know and stayed at.

The best time to go there is during April when the monsoons switch. It is possible to go there at other times of the year but the unpredictability of the weather makes it difficult and there is always the possibility that one can get stranded.

At the edge of Caniwara Cove is another spectacular place, Nagudungan Hill with its rolling terrain and gnarled pine trees with some, especially located near the edge to the sea are permanently inclined due to the strong winds.